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MySiteName is one of the most trafficked sites about MySiteTopic on the web. It gets well over X unique visitors a month and close to X pageviews.

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Inventory Package

This package has a limit on how many times it can be purchased for a time period.
  • Terms: 1 Month(s)
  • Type: Inventory Zone Flat Rate - Tme-based: days, weeks, months, or years

Zone: Inventory Zone

  • Rotation: No
  • Size: Any size
  • Slots: 4 (2 rows, 2 columns)
  • Type: Banners: Standard Banner, Affiliate Ad, Flash Banner


100 Clicks

This package will get you 100 clicks of your banners.
  • Terms: 100 Clicks
  • Type: Cost Per Click CPC - Cost Per Click

Zone: Floating, Transitions, Popups

  • Rotation: Yes
  • Size: Any size
  • Slots: 1 (1 rows, 1 columns)
  • Type: Pop-up Ad, Transition Ad, Floating Ad


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